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New Website

After too much time thinking about it, I’ve finally decided to start selling my prints, rather than just storing images on my computer or sharing online.

This site is the first step on that journey and I hope to develop it over time to gradually become something more. I started building this site on the public platform – which has a few limitations in what you can customise that I knew about, but was a great way to get started.  However, even before I was ready to launch the site, I discovered some functional limitations which were too great to live with even to start with.  So I’ve migrated to a self hosted WordPress site instead, which gives me freedom to customise and set free my inner geek.

On blog posts you can comment and on image posts (to keep the pages cleaner) you can’t, but you can like.  I’ve set up a few options for finding other images you may be interested in.  A menu bar, categories within the gallery and also a set of tags you can search by either from the images or at the bottom of the site (scroll right down!).

Please leave feedback or thoughts of things you may want to see in the gallery or in the blog, it would be great to have some direct input. Either on the site or via email.

I’ll hopefully update on a regular basis as I get out and take photos worthy of publishing, so check back for updates!

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