I have been taking photos seriously for over 10 years, developing my artistic style, attention to detail, quality and focussing in on the areas I enjoy most.

Over this time I’ve built up a portfolio of images which I’ve shared on social media (primarily Instagram).  I continue to build on this portfolio with regular trips, primarily in the UK, to areas of personal interest.

I have a busy day job and busy family life, but its fair to say every spare moment is otherwise filled with my passion for photography in some way or other.

My kit

I currently use a Canon 5d DSLR (more on that in a future blog post). It allows me to capture a high quality digital image and to use some great professional lenses to their full potential for dramatic scenes in my landscape work. Shooting in RAW, I then process these images to achieve the desired effect.

I primarily use Canon professional series lenses (16-35 f2.8L and 24-105 f4L) which have great optical quality. I do also use a Sigma 80-400 telephoto lens occasionally when the scene calls for it.

I use Lee photographic filters to help balance out bright skies and darker foregrounds, so that a wide dynamic range of tones are captured at source. This gives maximum latitude for extracting details without loss of quality when creating final images.

I also use a Manfrotto tripod to keep thing steady when out in the wonderful British weather.

At home I use an iMac for editing, with Adobe Lightroom and (Google) Nik Tools for some images.  I then finish final print versions in Adobe Photoshop to ensure images are sharp and defect free.  I try to recall the scene as I saw it and maintain fidelity, but in some cases I use a little artistic license to achieve a look and feel I consider appropriate.

Finally, I print most print sizes on a Canon Pro series printer, using high quality colour fast inks and Canson photographic and fine art papers. Any outsourced printing is based on the same principles of quality and longevity.