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Stiperstones shard

The Stiperstones are a quartzite ridge formed some 480 million years ago. During the last Ice Age the summit stood out above the glaciers and was subject to constant freezing and thawing.   This distinctive shard stands alone from the main deposits of broken rocks and has remained in a single tower when other rocks shattered into a mass of scree surrounding the rocky tors.

A difficult walk to this location is not due to the distance (only a mile or so from the car park) or the incline (only a few hundred metres), but by the very rough scree strewn path on the approach to the tors.  This only made more difficult by the fact it was made in the dark to get there for dawn.  Unfortunately dawn was not a sunny and colourful one, but a splash of broken sunshine whilst composing this shot created the contract necessary to make it stand out from the surrounding scenery.

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